Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham Beauty Reflect Highlighter Stick


A state-of-the-art, ultra high dimension cream highlighter for an impeccably fresh, glass-like glow. It’s luminous and sheer on all skin tones.

  • Cutting-edge AirCore pearlescent pigments leverage hollow cores that catch and reflect light from all directions—like an infinity mirror. 

  • Strawberry butter ensures a smooth application while soft-focus silica microspheres blur pores and softens texture.

  • Creates a universal, glitter-free glow that lights up all skin tones from every angle. Your complexion looks instantly nourished and refreshed.

Dermatologist tested, Safe for Sensitive Skin, Hypoallergenic, Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Nut-free

Luxury performance, clean beauty.

Made in Italy

5g / 0.17 oz

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