U Beauty

U Beauty The Arm Sculpt



The SCULPT Arm Compound by U Beauty is a revolutionary concentrate designed specifically to tighten the skin's appearance and counteract the negative visible effects of gravity.

The SCULPT is powered by the brand's patent-pending SIREN Capsule technology to immediately deliver the look of contouring to areas of the skin that need it most. SIREN Capsules are unique in their ability to both attract and neutralise free radicals.

This proprietary process of encapsulation allows for unparalleled specificity in the delivery of active ingredients, revealing more energised, more toned and smoother-looking skin.

Fermented Soybean, probiotics, and a key marine extract (derived via a rare oceanic sponge) deliver oxygen and nutrient supply to skin. Stabilised Vitamin C works to hydrate skin while probiotics and antioxidants promote balance and the colonisation of healthy bacteria.

Size: 120ml



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