Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche Emulsion Corps VIP O2



Emulsion Corps VIP O2 is a hydrating and energising cream that reinvigorates the skin of the body while neutralising pollution and oxidative stress.

Rich in Hyaluronic Acid to quench the skin and plump fine lines, this water-based cream strengthens the hydrolipidic film to retain moisture and prevent irritation, flaking and fine lines. 

Biologique Recherche's Oxygenating Complex utilises Perfluorodecalin to draw oxygen molecules into the epidermis to feed, refresh and stimulate skin cells for a more energised and radiant appearance while Plant-Based Polysaccharides and Amino Acids first, lift and redensify the skin, ensuring that DNA is repaired and the skin is left soft, supple and conditioned without an oily residue.

Size: 150ml


Massage into clean dry skin. Apply a gentle yet firm pressure, working upwards and outwards.


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