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Biologique Recherche Collagène Originel Serum



Collagène Originel acts on the four main types of collagens to redensify the skin in three dimensions. It is based on two research priorities precisely focused on restructuring the skin.

First, it acts on dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) cohesion thanks to Type-0 Collagen and Silene extract. They promote the expression of collagens IV & VII that make up the DEJ to restructure it and improve its function as a cell anchoring platform. The dermal-epidermal exchanges that decrease with age are restarted.

Second, it increases the density of the dermal layer with Soybean Glycopeptides and Green Microalgae. It stimulates collagens I & III, the two most abundant types in the skin, to strengthen its resilience and improve its firmness.

Deep regeneration makes skin tighter and smoother. Its filling effect plumps up deep wrinkles and folds by significantly reducing their length.

Available Early December

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