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MG Miles Terms and Conditions

MG MILES is Skincare Edit’s rewards program that we offer to our online clients internationally.

These Terms & Conditions set out the conditions on which we offer MG Miles and apply to all clients. 

If you join MG Miles, you agree and consent to:

a. These Terms & Conditions;
b. Our Privacy Policy; and receiving communications from us via email, SMS, mail and push notifications, including for the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy

    We advise you to read both these Terms & Conditions carefully.

    When we refer to MG Miles (or we or us) in these Terms & Conditions we mean Skincare Edit.

    1. Who can join MG Miles?

    a. To join MG Miles, you will also need to provide us your email address (we can only open one account linked to an email address). The benefits of MG Miles can only be in relation to Eligible Purchases you make on our online store, benefits or points can not be earnt or redeemed in studio.
    b. For reference to Eligible Purchases, please see the definition in clause 4c.
    c. If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardians approval to join the MG Miles. Your parent or guardian will need to read these Terms & Conditions.

    2. Joining MG Miles

    a. Joining MG Miles is easy. You can join by:
    Clicking “Join Now” on;
    b. Remember, if you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardian’s approval to join the MG Miles Rewards program. Your parent or guardian will need to read these Terms & Conditions. We will assume, if you are under 18 when you join, that you have complied with these requirements.
    c. Joining is free and there are no fees to continue as a member. But, to earn any rewards, gifts, benefits or offers, referred to as Benefits, you will need to make Eligible Purchases of Skincare Edit products, as explained in these Terms & Conditions.

    3. Benefits of joining MG Miles

    a. The Benefits you receive depend on whether you have reached Gold, Platinum or Diamond. If you do not reach Gold Level you will not receive any Benefits.
    b. The Benefits offered to members at each level of membership change from time to time. We publish the details of the current Benefits on the MG Miles Page on the Skincare Edit website. Please make sure that you check the Skincare Edit website from time to time so that you know what Benefits may be available to you.
    c. If we make changes that will reduce your Benefits, we will provide advance notice on the Skincare Edit website. We will try to provide at least 30 days’ notice, but sometimes the notice period might be shorter than this. This means you will have a period of time to redeem any Benefits before the change takes effect.

    4. How MG Miles Level Works

    a. You attain MG Miles Levels by making Eligible Purchases of products from our online store
    b. Only your Eligible Purchases count in determining your MG Miles Level. You cannot get the benefit of the purchases that anyone else makes.
    c. Eligible Purchases mean the purchase of products or services from our online store Skincare Edit.
    d. This table sets out how much you need to spend on Eligible Purchases at our Skincare Edit store over any 365-day period (known as your MG Miles Spend) to reach each MG Miles Level:


    Required MG Miles Spend over 365 days


    $500 – $1,999


    $2,000 – $5,999




    a. If you are an MG Miles member, your spend is calculated in the currency of the country you are purchasing from. MG Miles Spend includes the goods and services tax included in the purchase price of our products and services.
    b. MG Miles spend is net of returns and refunds and excludes delivery charges. If, after you make an Eligible Purchase, you obtain a refund or reimbursement for any products purchased from Skincare Edit, an adjustment will be made to your MG Miles account for the amount refunded or reimbursed.
    c. More detail on how we calculate your MG Miles Spend is set out in clause 5.

    5. How we calculate your MG Miles spend

    a. Our usual practice is to review your MG Miles Spend daily.
    b. This means that, on any day, your MG Miles Spend will usually include Eligible Purchases made online until the end of the previous day. Online orders are counted as a MG Miles Spend on the date your parcel is shipped from Skincare Edit,, not the date you place the order. This means that if, for example, your parcel is not shipped until 2 days after you place your order, your Eligible Purchase will not usually be included in your MG Miles Spend until 3 days after you placed that order.
    c. Your MG Miles Spend includes all of your Eligible Purchases taken into consideration for the past 365 days (starting from 05/07/2023). If required, we will upgrade your MG Miles Level as soon as one of our reviews shows that your MG Miles Spend has reached the required level. But we will only downgrade your MG Miles Level at the times set out in the paragraph below.
    d. We review your MG Miles Level at the end of every 365 days from when you reached that MG Miles Level to see if it should be adjusted to a lower level. This date is called your MG Miles Anniversary Date. If you have not maintained the amount of MG Miles Spend required for your MG Miles Level in the 365-day period up to a MG Miles Anniversary Date, we will adjust your level down or, if you have not met the purchasing requirements for MG Miles Level Gold in that 365-day period, you will not have a MG Miles Level at all from that time. It is important that you keep track of your MG Miles Anniversary Date if you want to maintain your MG Miles Level.

    6. Restrictions that apply to your MG Miles Membership

    a. You can only have one MG Miles membership and you cannot transfer your membership or your MG Miles Spend to anyone else. This means that you also cannot accept anyone else’s MG Miles Spend.
    b. MG Miles Spend amounts have no cash or monetary value and cannot be taken or redeemed as cash or equivalent. Benefits cannot be exchanged for other Skincare Edit products or services.

    7. Redeeming your benefits

    a. Benefits are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or equivalent.
    b. Each Benefit will be available to be redeemed during a certain period determined by us (Benefit Period). You must redeem the Benefit with the Benefit Period or it will otherwise be forfeited. 
    c. At the start of each Benefit Period, we will notify you of the Benefit you may redeem either by email (if you receive email communications from us) or you may ask one of our team members what Benefit you are entitled to. MG Miles members who have opted out of receiving our email communications will not be notified of Benefits by email but are still eligible to use and redeem Benefits.
    d. Subject to clause 9.e.:
    i. upon changing to a different MG Miles Level, any Benefits of the new MG Miles Level replace, and do not merge with, any Benefits of the previous MG Miles Level; and
    ii. any Benefit you are entitled to redeem will depend on your MG Miles Level on the first day of the Benefit Period.

    e. Subject to the specific terms and conditions for a particular Benefit, if, during a Benefit Period, your MG Miles Level changes, you may redeem the relevant Benefit, as follows:

    i. All products contained in MG Miles Benefits are subject to availability, and Skincare Edit does not guarantee the availability of any products. Skincare Edit  is not liable for any products in MG Miles Benefits not being available for any reason.

    f. Any Benefit that you are entitled to as a MG Miles member may be subject to specific terms and conditions. All terms and conditions, including Benefit Period expiry dates, will be communicated to you at the time of Benefit notification.
    g. Although Benefits will usually be available for redemption online, sometimes we may send you your Benefits directly. You will also be required to provide any other redemption information that we require from time to time. For example, you may need to present a voucher that we send you. If you want to redeem your Benefit online (and the terms and conditions on which the Benefit is offered allow you to do this), you must login to your online account to do this. Please note that no MG Miles Benefits can be redeemed in our Melanie Grant Studios.
    h. All Benefits are subject to availability. Skincare Edit is not liable for Benefits not being available for any reason.

    8. Liability in respect of MG Miles

    a. We do not make any representations and warranties to you in relation to MG Miles, the Benefits or the value of membership of MG Miles, other than the representations and warranties we cannot exclude as a matter of law.
    b. We exclude all liability to you in relation to your MG Miles membership and the Benefits other than any liability we cannot exclude as a matter of law.
    c. If we cannot exclude our liability to you in relation to MG Miles and the Benefits then, to the extent permitted by law, our liability to you will be limited to the re-supply of any relevant Benefits that you are entitled to as a result of your MG Miles membership.

    9. Changes to your details or communications preferences 

    a. You need to tell us if you want to make any changes to your details or if you want to update or customise your communications preferences.
    b. You can make changes to your details by logging into your account on the Skincare Edit website, talking to one of our team members, by phone or email. Unless you do this by logging into your account, you must also provide acceptable identifiable information to change your membership details.
    c. You can update or customise your communications preferences by:
    i. clicking the unsubscribe link contained in promotional emails;
    ii. calling our team on the number on the Skincare Edit website or emailing us at
    d. Skincare Edit is not responsible if you don’t notify us of any changes to your details or any changes you make to your communications preferences, which may result in you not obtaining any Benefit or the loss or downgrade of your MG Miles Level.

    10. Terminating your membership

    a. If you would like to terminate your MG Miles membership you can do this by talking to one of our team members via phone or email found on the Skincare Edit website.
    b. We are entitled, if we determine to do so, to terminate your MG Miles membership at any time by providing you with at least 30 days’ notice. We may terminate your membership without notice if you do not use your membership for a long period of time and, as a result, we believe you are no longer a Skincare Edit customer.
    c. We may also terminate your membership without notice if we think you have breached these Terms & Conditions.
    d. If your MG Miles membership is terminated, you will no longer be entitled to accrue any MG Miles Spend or redeem any Benefits.

    11. Changes to these Terms & Conditions

    a. We keep these Terms & Conditions on the Skincare Edit website, so it is easy for you to access them.

    b. We try not to change these Terms & Conditions too often, but sometimes we need to, for example, if the law changes. When we change these Terms & Conditions, we will put the updated version on Skincare Edit straight away. We will also put a notice on the Skincare Edit website when we make significant updates, so you will know this has happened.

    c. If you continue to use your MG Miles membership after we change these Terms & Conditions, you will be deemed to have accepted the changed Terms & Conditions.

    12. How to contact us

    a. If you have any questions, or if you have any concerns or a complaint about MG Miles, please contact us. You can do this by talking to one of our team members in studio, calling or emailing

      13. Governing Law

      a. These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia.
      b. These Terms & Conditions were last updated in July 2023.