Lanshin Pro Gua Sha


The Lanshin Pro Gua Sha is an ergonomically designed, hand-crafted Gua Sha in an almost black, exceptional quality Nephrite "He Tian" Jade. 

The Professional Gua Sha is designed by Sandra Lanshin Chiu - renowned expert in facial Gua Sha, and made from Nephrite Jade that is highly valued for its supportive healing properties.

The Gua Sha facial massage yields professional results and is designed to release tight muscles and fascia, improve circulation, facial contours, collagen production and lift the skin for a smoother and brighter appearance. It can also help assist in alleviating congestion issues lIke blocked sinuses and headaches.

This luxury tool is the perfect step and ultra-effective when used in conjunction with your favourite serum.

Measurements: L 4” x W 2.17


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