Activist Mānuka Oil



Activist Mānuka Oil is 100% pure, wildcrafted, and distilled from the leaves and twigs of the New Zealand Mānuka Tree. This potent and powerful essential oil is freshly distilled every couple of weeks in small batches to ensure its properties are preserved throughout the harvesting process. 

Activist Mānuka Oil is multi-purpose and may be employed to clean broken or chapped skin, treat mild abrasions and burns, or reduce inflammation resulting from acne or blemishes. Activist Mānuka Oil has a pleasantly uplifting and fresh, slightly herbal and spicy aroma. 

Size: 15ml


Apply by incorporating a few drops into your face créme and apply to the skin as normal. You can also add to your diffuser as a natural air cleanser.

Note: This product is suitable for topical use only. 


100% pure, distilled from the leaves and twigs of the New Zealand Mānuka Tree

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