Notes on Skin Care while pregnant or breastfeeding

AHAs✔️ Vitamin C ✔️ Vitamin B ✔️ Niacinamide✔️ Sunscreen, both physical and chemical✔️Benzoyl Peroxide✔️ Salycilic Acid 2% or less✔️ Hyaluronic Acid✔️Peptides✔️Azelaic Acid✔️Hydroquinone❌ Retinoids ( Renova, Retin A, Differin, Tretinoin)❌ Retinol❌Essential Oils (Clary Sage, Cinnamon, Wormwood, Parsley Seed, Fennel, Aniseed,Blackpepper, Pepermint, Thyme & Mugwart)❌ Synthetic Fragrance❌ Chemicals with long unpronounceable names❌

Where possible opt for organic formulas and avoid unnecessary fragrance, alcohols and preservatives. @nictrunfio for @mothermag

Skin By Melanie Grant @lenaperminova 💕❤️🍽