Notes On...LED Light Therapy At Home

I’ve worked with LED Light Therapy for years, and though I’m well versed in the clinically proven benefits, I’m constantly surprised at the true and palpable results this non-invasive technology delivers. It’s my go-to for promoting a clear, healthy, strong and luminous complexion, treating a myriad concerns from dehydration and dullness, to redness, breakouts and laxity. Not to mention the treatment itself is relaxing, calming, and restorative! Whether you’re self-isolating, working from home or not able to visit the Studio as frequently as you’d like, LED is a great way to yield professional results at home. ✔️Promotes collagen synthesis ✔️Stimulates elastin ✔️Accelerates wound healing ✔️Boosts hydration ✔️Encourages blood flow and healthy circulation = glow! ✔️Softens pigment ✔️Soothes redness, rosacea and dermatitis ✔️Calms blemishes and breakouts ✔️Boosts your mood ...and all without any downtime! With this treatment, the more the merrier! Results are cumulative so we often recommend applying your mask after cleansing in the evenings 2-3 x per week for 10-20 minutes optimal results. I love the Deesse Pro and the new express, as well as the Dermalux Flex.