My Regime - Rae Morris

Rae is one of the most accomplished MUA's in the country and is absolutely one of the nicest. Her work has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Harpers and Elle to name a few. I own and love all five of her books and can't wait for the release of her next one. And if you haven't tried her magnetic makeup brushes you're missing out - they really are the best in the world!! MGx

VogueKylie and Dannii Minogue for Harper's Bazaar Australia

What is your morning skincare regime?

What ever Melanie tells me.

[Melanie] ... Right now Rae cleanses with Purity Clean and then layers TNS Essential Serum under her Actinica SPF50 sunscreen. She also uses Eye Dr eye treatment.

What is your evening skincare regime?

Whatever Melanie tells me.

[Melanie] ... Currently Rae layers Serum 16 underneath SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream after cleansing with Purity Clean. She uses Eye Dr again in the evening.

What are the three skincare products you can’t be without?

Besides everything Melanie has ever told me to do; Bioderma crealine water, Lux body oil, and People for Plants Lip Balm

Rae Morris

Favourite skin tips or tricks?

My favourite trick to add a few drops of luminiser in with my foundation. I love L'Oreal Lumimagique. So cheap yet so good. I also love using fine mist sunscreens that I can spray over makeup. This is great to use throughout the day. Neutrogena has one I love because its so so fine.

Favourite tips for travelling?

Decant everything into Muji pump bottles (most travel bottles will explode in transport, it's the cheap screw tops that pop off, it drives me crazy). Put all cosmetics into clear bags. I also never leave with out snap lock bags to repack on the way home. I keep products I know will get wet in the shower e.g. shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, in a separate bag made for “getting wet” so i can just hang them up to dry before i have to leave.

How do you maintain your skin whilst travelling?

I wear as little makeup as possible, and have sunscreens everywhere.

What’s your everyday makeup regime?

I apply a BB foundation with Actinica SPF50 and use a tube mascara (because mine always runs). I use a gel pencil that I can just smudge (normally matt grey) and gels don't move once set. Mac, Bobbi Brown, It and Eye of Horus have great ones. I also use cream blush, nude lip gloss and concealer. I'm loving the It “Bye Bye under Eye” at the moment.

What regular treatments do you have to maintain your complexion?

What ever Melanie tells me.

[Melanie] ... Rae's skin responds beautifully to the organic Radiance facial and the Melanie Grant Regime facial.

What does your diet look like on a day to day basis?

I'm all or nothing so its a kale chia smoothie, followed by hot chips with way to much salt and gravy

I'm all or nothing so its a kale chia smoothie, followed by hot chips with way to much salt and gravy. It's so ying and yang. I'm the annoying know-it-all when it comes to food and nutrition. I'm also a rebellious celiac who insists on ordering 'Gluten free' then steals every else’s bread!!

Do you take any supplements?

Yes! Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Zinc

Do you have a signature fragrance?

I love Tom Ford Black Orchid.

Miranda Kerr make up by Rae Morris

What's your number one make up secret?

Match your foundation to your body colour, not to your jawline (your jawline is usually much paler than your face)

What are your own must-have beauty products?

Black gel eyeliner (I love inglot and mac)
An amazing foundation, (can't live without Armani Luminous Silk and ELLIS Faas )

What’s one of the best tips you’ve learnt from being in the industry?

No one cares where you trained or what diplomas you have ,it's all about the images you have to show, and only show images that you truly believe are beautiful , not ones that you love just the hair or just the makeup, as you're not there to explain, just put forward images that you feel are perfection.

When you travel what essentials do you take with you?

My makeup brushes, my career would be very unstable without them.

What's your biggest beauty indulgence?

Any facial with Melanie, and her amazing skin care.

A good makeup artist knows when to put the brush down

What's the best advice you've ever received?

A good makeup artist knows when to put the brush down.

If you could go back in time and give your 20 something self advice, what would it be?

Don't even try and tan, you look ridiculous.