My Regime - Nicole Trunfio

Nicole's career has continued to flourish and evolve from the days of walking Paris runways for the likes of Chanel, Prada, Gucci and fronting covers for Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar. She has since stepped into hosting her own television show alongside Naomi Campbell and creating her own jewellery lines, Trunfio Universe and Erth Jewelry. Nicole defines limitless creativity and business aptitude while somehow still remaining the free-spirited philosophical woman I met so many years ago. She’s one of my dearest friends. Now an incredible hands on working mother, this would have to be her best role yet. Here she chats about her ideal morning routine, her first memory of beauty and the one person who inspires her most. MG x

What is your morning skincare regime?

I wake up, drink warm water with lemon and light incense to awaken my senses, then I do a light face wash, tone and moisturise. I am really into a line of products at the moment called Arcona but my must have on me always moisturizer is the Biologique Recherche Creme VIP 02 , then I finish off with a sunscreen like Dr Babor SPF 50+

What is your evening skincare regime?

I use Arcona facial disks to remove makeup, they are little magic disks in a jar, I carry them everywhere for an instant cleanse, tone, moisturize. Then the brightening gommage from Arcona and the Night worker or the Night Serum, talking about it I see I am actually kind of obsessed with this line, they also have two other great major products, the youth serum and the desert mist.

What are the three skincare products you can’t be without?

Mel, if she were a product. Biologique Recherche Creme VIP 02 and Water!

Favourite skin tips or tricks?

Beauty Balm or Tom Ford Bronzer to enhance bone structure and contour the face for a healthy look.

Favourite tips for travelling?

Sleep as much as you can. I use HONEST company facial mist, it has hydroponic acid in it which makes my skin look moisturized and fresh.

How do you maintain your skin whilst travelling?

Keep it breathing, drink water, sleep a lot, try to use a soft silk pillow, and after a nice warm shower, have a freezing cold spritz (it actually makes you feel revitalized and is good for your circulation and skin!)

What’s your everyday makeup regime?

Smashbox primer, Giorgio armani foundations, Laura Mercier concealer, and waterproof mascara. The important part for me in bronzing and contouring I love the Tom Ford brand, it is incredible. I also love a 'just a shade' darker than lip color, lip liner. To enhance my lips but keep a natural look.

What regular treatments do you have to maintain your complexion?

I just went through pregnancy and postpartum so I have some pigment on my skin, it seems to be going away on its own. I haven't done anything expect Mel’s incredible facials and Omnilux and I am so happy with the way my skin looks.

What does your diet look like on a day to day basis?

Everything that my eyes desire. I like to stay very balanced.

Do you take any supplements?

I don't, but I wish I took fish oil on a daily basis.

If you could go back in time and give your 20 something self advice, what would it be?

Drink Water!

What lessons have you learned from makeup artists backstage at the shows and on shoots?

How to do the perfect liner, and don't go overboard. Also, especially for red-carpets, the camera makes makeup look a lot different that what you see to the eye, it's definitely a craft to do makeup for events.

What is your summer skin care essentials?

Bronzers, Self tanners (better for your skin) highlighters and waterproof mascara.

Do you have a signature fragrance?

Blvgari Rose

What's the best advice you've ever received?

Be yourself, love yourself.

What’s one of the best tips you’ve learnt from being in the industry?


When you travel what essentials do you take with you?

Laptop, Credit Card, Passport, Panties :)